About Us
BarOne Eleven Knives is a family owned and operated Custom Knife making business. Knifemaker, David Sr. has been making knives for approximately 45 years. Until recently, he would design and make a few knives a year for charity auctions or as gifts to friends. David retired after teaching Agriculture Science and Technoloy for 36 years and expanded his hobby into a business.

You will notice we don't have prices listed. Our prices start at $180 up. Please contact us using the contact form with the number of the knife which catches your eye. We will answer as quickly as we can. We accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Debit cards with the MasterCard or Visa logo and of course, CASH.

Follow us on facebook using the link above. David updates and posts pictures of new knives he is working on.

Our Knives
Our knives are made from O1 steel stock, horse shoeing rasp, Model A leaf springs and other high carbon steel. Our blade designs are handcrafted with no two knives the same. The file work across the top of the knife gives an added finished look. We brad and epoxy the handle and the knife blade runs the entire length of the handle giving you more stability. If you don't see a knife you like, feel free to contact us to discuss your personal custom knife.

Most all our knives come with a sheath made especially for that knife. While we are not leathermakers, we do include a sheath which will protect your knife. The knife is used to cut the leather for the sheath and it is stitched by hand.

Our Shop Manager(s)
Shelby, our shop manager, keeps us on our toes and cracks the whip in the shop. Stop by to visit and she MIGHT share her M&M's with you. shelby


Lorri Grace, our shop manager in training, keeps us on our toes as well. Stop by to visit and she MIGHT share her tennis ball with you.


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